Universal Waypoint Converter

The Universal Waypoint Converter is a small software application that helps you to convert waypoints and routes from the proprietary Adrena format (.wp and .rt) files to the open standard GPS Exchange Format (.gpx).

The waypoint converter can currently convert only from the Adrena format to the .gpx format.

A helpful utility when you want to exchange GPS waypoints and routes between users of Adrena, Expedition, MaxSea, etc. or you want to upload waypoints into your GPS using a software that supports the gpx format only.

Windows version (.exe file): [sdm_download id=”50″ fancy=”0″]

Linux/Mac version (.jar file): [sdm_download id=”57″ fancy=”0″]

Technical Details:

  • wpconvert is written in Java and is runnable on any platform
  • tested on Windows 7/8, Mac OS X Maverick, Linux Debian
  • Allows the conversion from .wp Waypoint files to .gpx files
  • Comes with a user interface and commandline option

Future Features:

  • Conversion from .gpx files back to .wp Adrena Waypoint files
  • Conversion from .rt Route files to .gpx files and vice versa
  • Support direct upload of waypoints and routes to GPS devices through a serial connection

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